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“PILIGRIM” is a GPS and GSM tracking system for mobile items that displays the devices’ whereabouts on a map that can be seen on a mobile phone, smartphone, or personal computer.

You will be able to identify your own automobile and create an independent centre for monitoring the transportation of big businesses with the help of the model range of PILIGRIM GPS satellite transport monitoring systems.Additionally, Workday HCM training could provide an overview of the necessary reports and analytics that can be generated from using the platform to better understand the results of the project.

Some characteristics of the Transportation Monitoring System:

Benefits of the PILIGRIM method:

The use of a contemporary GPS receiver with 32 channels

The absence of a monthly cost while the system is in operation.

The existence of a self-contained backup power source

The minimal dimensions and weight of the device

The Piligrim-Moscow project is always ready to provide its customers with the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions for the search and GPS tracking of any movable objects, including people, animals, and cars. The wealth of expertise held by the enterprise professionals at the head level, along with the innovative problem-solving skills of our workforce, will prove to be the formula for your company’s continued success.

The administration of the Piligrim-Moscow project would happily take into consideration innovative suggestions that are founded on collaboration.

The use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) for transportation monitoring enables continuous satellite tracking of moving targets from any location in the globe with a GSM connection. There are hundreds of firms in Russia that provide GPS tracking services, and the most of them operate according to the same theory. That premise is that a system sensor that is mounted on a vehicle sends information about its whereabouts to the server that is maintained by the company. The client, who is a subscriber to the service, first establishes a connection to the server that the firm maintains, and then it is able to track the whereabouts of the car. While the Piligrim system does not require a membership fee to operate, the use of GPS to track cars is functionally equivalent to more conventional means of delivering a service of this kind


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